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Alfred and Uraha Bell Triggs

Alfred Triggs was born on 23 September 1916 to Ruth and Menon Triggs and he dropped out of school at age 15 to become the sole provider for his mother and his 3 siblings. In October of 1939, he married Uraha Bell McGill a single mother of 3 (Dezo, Dorothy, and Roy Lee) the second daughter of Rev Thomas McGill and Savanah Packard.  Alfred and Uraha Bell marriage produced 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls (Alvin, Curtis, Charlene, Gwendolyn, Leonard, Yvonne, and Alfred).  During their 55-year-marriage, they faced many struggles but remained committed to their children’s success. Alfred was known as a very hard worker who spent much of his early adult life working as a sharecropper and later as a construction worker.   Work was his life.  Uraha Bell was a dedicated home maker and was primarily self-taught and always seem to possess a keen life insight.  She was committed to her children’s well-being and her Church.  She was a stabilizing force and could always be depended on to provide the loving voice of reason during any family conflict.  In 1970 they purchased the family farm in Oktaha Oklahoma. She passed in 1994 and Alfred followed ten years later.  We remain thankful to them and miss them daily.

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